Monday, December 10, 2012

New Blog

We are 100% out of storage space (blame it on my love of oodles and oodles of high quality mega pics) here on the ole Happy Houghs blog!  Rather than pay a montly fee to upgrade my GB, I am tampering with the idea of starting a new blog so that I can keep journaling away (p.s. if anyone ever decides to do this, you will need to create a new gmail email account since your storage is linked to the email address).  Some day soon (when I am a little more motivated and rich) I will be converting the past blog enteries into hardbound  published books for the girlies.  Volume I of the Hough's virtual diary is all filled up.  So we're starting a new diary of the Hough family adventures here:   Onward and upward.  :)

4 Marvelous Months

Weight:  11.88 lbs--12%
Length:  24.25 in.--46%
Head Circumference:  15.9 in.--28%

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breakin' Her Face to Smile at Mommy

Sweet, smiley Hannah.  You are a joy!

Snuggly Wuggly Beaming Babydoll

Hannah Kaye
November 14, 2012
4 Months
This smiley witto angel makes any dark, dreary, cold winter day sunny, sparkly, shiny, cozy and sweet.  Love her!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for Matthew Michael

Yep, you guessed it.  I couldn't spotlight my two girlies and forget the heart of our family...Matthew Michael, our dear Dad!  I've saved the best, my first true-love, for last.  We love, love, love our Daddy/Matty for WAY more reasons than just the 10 listed below, but these are a good start.  

10 Reasons We're Thankful for Daddy/Matty:

1.  Matt is a true "Family Man!"  He juggles many important responsibilities like a pro, but his heart is always at home with his girlies.  He loves to spend time with us, play with us, take us on adventures, walk the river trail with us, meet us in the park when he has a tiny break between student teaching and work, and his happiest moments are spent WITH, not away from us.  Mondays were especially long days this semester.  He'd leave long before the girls were up and come home long after they were fast asleep for the night.  He'd get soooo lonesome and sad, worried that Madi would forget who he was.  Sunday mornings he feeds Madi, dresses her for church and plays with the girls in the afternoon while Mommy gets a nap.  He gets a kick out of his wacky women.  Daddy makes everything more fun!  I'm so thankful he enjoys being with us!
2.  Daddy is hilarious!  Matt has a delightful sense of humor and knows how to make us all smile/giggle/laugh our heads off!  He is silly, fun and adventuresome.  He has a carefree, childlike sense about him that is so refreshing--he's not embarrassed in the least to start a cannonball contest at the public pool.  I love how the girls inherited his expressive eyebrows.  When they're having an especially great time, those eyebrows inch up and get crazy happy.  

3.  I am thankful for Matt's HUGE sensitive side.  He is kind, thoughtful, caring and sweet.  Each and every morning, clear back to when we started dating--almost 3 years now--he leaves me a sweet note to remind me I am loved and help me face the day.  His soft, sentimental side melts me.  I can be a little lot sarcastic and mean, but Matt is gentle and helps me be better.  His sweet texts brighten my day.  Matt has been a CHAMP to put up with a wife who is functioning on way to LITTLE sleep and a scary ABUNDANCE of hormones.  I was only  "un-pregnant" for two months of our newlywed life, and have been pregnant or nursing since.  Poor, poor guy! I have not always been myself but Matt continues to be patient and supporting.  OOOOOoooh, I love him. 

4.  Matt is a HARD WORKER!  He is anything but lazy.  He doesn't like to sit still and I can hardly ever coax him into taking a real nap.  He graduates with his secondary ed degree in just a few weeks... YAHOOO!  I am so proud of him for the way he has juggled school and work this semester.  Way to rock the heck out of  these last months, Babers.  YOU DID IT!!!  Time to party.  

5.  Mr. Hough is an excellent teacher.  He learned all his students names in a matter of days and made the trimester fun and meaningful for them.  Matt will have a positive impact on many students through the course of his profession.      

6.  Matt is a people person.  He is an excellent listener and is helpful and kind.  He is skilled at working with difficult people--something I'm sure his job at UPS has helped him perfect.  He is genuine and sincere.  People trust him and confide in him.  

7.  I know this is silly, but I am really thankful for how CLEAN Matt is.  Matt keeps things immaculate.  There is something about working hard for things and then keeping them nice.  He is organized and neat.  He keeps our vehicles sparkly inside and out.  He makes sure to vacuum out the van after any trip and checks on it here and there to see if it needs a deep cleaning after Mom and the girls have been gallivanting  without him.  Matt always wraps his treasured ipod in a protective cloth and can keep a cell phone in mint condition for years (whereas mine will be cracked, dunked, broken and battered within days). 

8.  Matt is a handsome, manly-man and I am wildly attracted to him.  Nuff said.  

9.  Another silly one:  I am thankful that Matt is kind and sweet to the family pup.  Lily, our little chihuahua, was a pre-existing condition and Matt adopted her and loves her like his own.  It takes a tender heart to be sweet to annoying animals.   

10.  I should have started with this one cuz it's probably the most important and remarkable thing about Matt:  Matt has an unshakable testimony that he has earned for himself.  He has an amazing testimony of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He has a beautiful personal relationship with his Heavenly Father.  His testimony has grown through personal trials and life lessons.  Matt has been through some hard things in his young life, but he is so resilient, tough and strong.  He has no fear of growth or change.  We are both so deeply grateful for the atonement, for the chance to repent and be better each day.  We are so very, very grateful for the gospel and cherish our membership in the church.  We have so very much to be grateful for and have happy, thankful hearts this joyful season.      

Matt is thrifty, nifty, courteous and kind.  He cooks, he cleans, he golfs, he loves sports, he's coordinated and athletic, he's a great driver, he loves his mom, sister and brother.  He is a great son and sibling.  He sings with a country twang or Lionel Richie tone that makes me smile.  I love him so very, very much!     

And now some outtakes: 

Daddy/Matty casually ducks Madi's swipe with a smile on his face all the while.  Takin' it all in stride.  Man, he's good!

How great is Aunt Jodi?  Great enough to capture the blind duck (it LITERALLY couldn't see her comin) in Mike and Em's backyard, all in the hopes of grabbing Madi's attention for a frame or two.  She plopped that decrepit old bird right on Grandma's head to get my rascally witto tots to smile for the camera.  Now that's going the extra-mile!  Such dedication for the arts.  Man, it don't get any better!  LOVE THAT GIRL!!!

I WANT THAT DUCK!  Our smiles got real BIG, real CRAZY, and most importantly real GENUINE for the next few pics.

Thank you, Grandma Black for the beautiful, priceless pics.  Thank you, Jodi, for your behind-the-scenes really "QUACK" us up!  Thank you, Mike and Em, for having such a gorgeous, scenic backyard.  We truly have MUCH to be grateful for this holiday season.  Our happy, thankful hearts are bubbling over with gratitude.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for Madison Mae

My teeny, tiny turkey toddler turns 18 months two days after Thanksgiving this week.  I am so very grateful for our saucy, spirited witto Miss-too-big-for-her-britches Marvelous Madison Mae!  In keeping with the "10 Reasons I'm Thankful For..."

1.  I'm thankful for Madi's HUGE personality.  To echo the beautiful song from Spirit (her all-time favorite animated movie featuring an untamed stallion):

Here I am, This is me
I come to this world so wild and free
Here I am, So young and strong
Right here in the place where I belong

Madi is a saucy little Texas Tornado.  She exudes energy and life.  Her fun personality definitely consists of a certain degree of NAUGHTINESS.  Madi can escalate QUICKLY.  Madi is determined, stubborn, passionate, willful, and prone to feel things STRONGLY!  Life will never be dull with Madi around.  What a character!
2.  I am soooo thankful for Madi's bright mind.  She has a love of learning.  She has a passion for books.  She loves to be outside on adventures learning and soaking every little thing in!  It is so exciting to watch her mind spinning and growing.  She's quite the talker and is sure she's at least 16 now.  

3.  I'm so thankful for Madi's strong, coordinated body.  Madi is a muscly little thing.  I love her squishy witto face, her kissable nose, soft floppy ears, big blue eyes, CURLY hair, sweet little hands, strong legs, all the way down to her "stinky P.U. feet."  

4. I am thankful that Madi is a big nurturer.  I really think that having a little dog ("Be SOFT, Madi) and a little sister ("soft...Soft...SOFT!") has sparked the little Mama in Madi.  All day long she is strolling her dollies, feeding her horsie toys and dressing/diapering her toys.   When Hannah isn't using her swing or bouncy chair, Madi's babies are.  Madi shares her coveted "blanket-ees" and pacis with her sister and toys.  Truly a 'Lil Mama!   

5.  I know Madi doesn't always bring out my best, but she does help me learn everyday.  Being patient with a room full of first graders was a cake-walk compared to patiently loving and nurturing my own willful tot.  I am thankful that Madi is helping me learn to be my best me, mostly by completely forgetting about ME and learning to serve selflessly and put others first.  

6.  I am thankful that Madi FORCES me to smile and have fun each and every day.  She will keep me young for years to come.  She helps me get out, breathe in the clean air, enjoy the sparkling sun, exercise and treasure life.  Her zest and zeal are contagious.  

7.  I love that Madi loves ME!  She is my 24-7 tumor--I just can't seem to shake her and most of the time I wouldn't want to!  She is definitely my little buddy and makes me feel loved and needed.  I love our dancing, singing, galloping, reading, playing, bathing, cuddling sessions.  

8.  I am eternally thankful for the caring network of fabulous family who love and take care of Miss Madi.  Matt's family is so thoughtful and generous with cards, gifts, canned green beans (Madi's FAVORITE), hair cuts, and endless love and support.  We have hardly had to purchase Madi any new clothes or toys ourselves because they all take care of us so well.  And we'll NEVER forget this precious year when Grandma and Grandpa Black left their beautiful home in Blanding and rented an apartment in Ogden just to be closer to everyone and make it their mission to help and serve and brighten the lives of their grandbabies.  There are no words to thank them for their selfless acts of love and kindness.  They bring us so much joy !  Plus Aunt Jodi.  And Aunt Jill.  OOOOOOh, they are wonderful.  And everyone.  Madi is a lucky, loved, little lass.  Mama is so thankful.       

9.  I am thankful that Madi is our resilient, tenacious, bold and fearless firstborn.  Mommy and Daddy are learning a lot and, sadly, Madi is the guinea pig--our trial run, practice child.  With Hannah we have been able to stress less because of what Madi taught us.  Thanks for paving the way for your siblings and setting the example for those to follow.  That's a big job, and you are up to the challenge!

10.  I am thankful that you were sooooooo worth the wait, Miss Madi.  You have changed my life forever and added meaning and purpose I never knew possible.  Was there ever a life before you?  Not possible!


VROOOOOOOOM!  Sound effects for the wagon (she's such a witto boy sometimes).

MUAH, MUAH, MUAH!  I love you so much, Miss Madi.  Be sweet.  Stay safe.  Please grow to be a lovely old lady.
XOXO, Love Mom

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful for Baby Hannah

10 Reasons I'm Thankful for Baby Hannah:

Hannah turns 4 months old on Thanksgiving Day this week.  Oooooh, how I love this little turkey.  Since I have ten pics, I'll post "10 Reasons I'm Thankful for Baby Hannah" (a good way to limit my sometimes often lengthy and cumbersome posts).  I realize that Hannah is NOT dressed for the chilly fall/winter Cache Valley weather.  These adorable outfits are admittedly out of season.  Madi was born in May and so had a few extra warm months to sport cute, tropical outfits.  But since they are right now just her size, I had to at least let Hannah wear them once, snap a picture, and then put them right back in storage.  :)  Please think happy, sun-soaked thoughts as you enjoy Hannah's ode to warmer weather. 

1.  I am thankful for Hannah's innocence, purity and preciousness.
2.  I am thankful for her smiley, cheerful disposition.  If you even glance in her direction, she will practically split her face to beam the sunniest smile back at you!  Oh, she is a joyful, bright spot in our family.

3.  I am thankful for her healthy, strong body.  She kicks and wiggles with the best of them!

4.  I am thankful that she can be calmed and consoled when she is sad or sick.  She can be cheered with a simple voice and will turn right back to an angel baby if you pick her up.  SHE LOVES TO BE HELD and would prefer to spend every waking moment in a set of loving arms.  

5.  I love her bald little Caillou head.  I kiss on her sparsely feathered noggin all day long.  Up until yesterday (when Mom got out the clippers and shaved it) she only had one unfortunate little patch of darkly colored hair in back forming a perfect rat's tail.  I thought I'd even it out and give the rest of her locks a chance to catch up.  Dad was surprised and sad when he noticed in church and held her a little closer, kissed her newly bald spot, and apologized, calling it her lucky little rat's tail.  :)

6.  I am thankful for how many people love and help Hannah.  Her extended family showers us with love and support.  She is one lucky, loved little lass.

7. I love that she loves me.  She knows my voice, my face, my smell.  She nuzzles in to me, pulls my hair, is captivated when I talk, read or sing to her.  She is my little buddy.  She makes me happy and I make her happy.  Win-win.   

8.  EXPRESSIVE EYEBROWS...nuff said!

9.  Her creamy, delicious, white skin.  We thought she might luck out and be an olive-skinned beauty when her jaundiced-stained skin lingered, but once the residual staining departed, our precious pale baby appeared.  She could be one of Jim Gaffigan's albino/polar bear children and we'll definitely have to be careful to smother her in sunscreen, but ooooooh, she is creamy and delicious!  

10.  I am thankful for how Hannah reminds me daily how much Heavenly Father loves our little family and continually showers us with blessings. She helps me remember that heaven is close and God is good.